Rotoflex Information PDF

This coupling is used for motor vehicle propeller shafts, half shafts steering columns, industrial drives as well as many other applications.

Accommodates large angular and axial displacements with minimum resistance.

Reduces torsional vibration and noise.

Absorbs torque fluctuations.

Replaces mechanical joints, eliminating lubrication and metal-to-metal wear.

No servicing required.

Unaffected by dust, grit or moisture.

The Metalastik Rotoflex® Coupling consists of a regular polygon of rubber with metal inserts bonded in position. It can have 4,6 or 8 sides. After moulding, the rubber elements in the coupling are compressed by the fitting of a steel retaining band. This important design feature ensures maximum fatigue life. The retaining band is discarded after assembly. Metal interleaves bonded into the rubber elements provide increased torque capacity when required.

Rotoflex couplings have proved successful for motor car propeller and half-shaft applications for auxiliary drives on road vehicles and for many industrial drives.

When couplings operate at very high speeds and support a cardan shaft, a centring device is necessary; these can be all metal or a metalastik bush arrangement – details are available from our design department on request.

Rotoflex Information PDF

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An Introduction to the new range of Shwab parts

Summary –Why choosing Trelleborg (incl. Schwab-VC)

•high expertise in theoretical and experimental analysisof phenomena, which are connected to structure-borne sound and vibration (e.g. multi-body dynamics, FEA, field measurements, …)

•long history (more than 60 years) in developing anti-vibration products

•wide range pure RTM parts and hydraulic damping RTM parts

•Module kits for cabin mounts in order to realize different comfort levels

•high expertise in rubber including separate rubber development and production

•wide range of rubber compositions, special rubber for low temperatures, high damping, acoustic demands, reduced setting behavior

•our self-image: development partner for system analysis and holistic approaches

•special test laboratories for experimental investigation of mounts, e.g. w.r.t. lifetime, setting, rupture forces etc.

•high quality standards

•Long standing experience with general industry applications

•Large company with stable financial basis


Metalastik Mounts

Contact us for all Metalastik enquiries, we have been supplying Metalastik mounts to various industries such as marine, rail, transport, construction, plant and industrial for 30 years.

Our staff can provide a wealth of technical knowledge on metalastik mounts, and guide you into selecting the correct metalastik mount for your application.

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