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Metaxentric Bushes _ Trelleborg Industrial AVS

Metaxentric Bushes

Metaxentric bushes have a large rubber section with the central pin offset towards one radial plane. These bushes can provide a relatively large radial deflection whilst providing excellent motion control characteristics.

The bush has the following features:

  • Three dissimilar translational stiffnesses for the best vibration isolation and motion
  • Load range from 138 – 464 kg
  • Rising rate stiffness characteristics for overload conditions help to limit motion and transmitted acceleration.
  • Robust and fail-safe, suitable for ROPS and FOPS cab
  • Simple to fit, the housing lends itself to robust structures.

Metaxentric Bushes are similar to conventional UD Bushes but with inner and outer sleeves offset radially. This feature provides a greater rubber thickness and hence increased flexibility in the normal direction of loading, whilst maintaining control in other modes and still allowing torsional movement.

The rubber section is relieved to eliminate harmful tensile stresses.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Vehicle spring eye mounting
  • Tilt Cab pivot bush
  • Engine mounting
Product data

UD Bushes

UD Bush

Novibra® type VP and Metalastik® type UD consist of two concentric sleeves with rubber securely bonded between them. Designed to accommodate torsional movements and axial and radial loads. The rubber is prestressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability. The bonded rubber takes up the full movement. Lubrication or other bearing maintenance is not required. The
bush has excellent sound and vibration isolation characteristics, enabling structures fitted with Novibra® type VP and Metalastik® type UD sleeves to be silent and vibration free.
Novibra® type VP and Metalastik® type UD Bushes
For vehicle suspension, pivot arms and all types of mechanical linkage, permits oscillating movement through the defl ection of rubber in shear. Suitable to replace roller bearings where small motions are required (up to 20 degrees).
Reduces shock loads and noise transmission in structures.
• Vehicle suspension arms • Mechanical linkages
• Vibratory feeders • Pivot bearings
• Conveyer tracks

Our Cushyfoot range

Originally designed for use with marine engines, the Metalastik Cushyfloat® is a simple to install, compact, low profile mounting.  It combines 3 way control of the suspended equipment with relatively large static deflections where the rubber is loaded in shear and compression.

The design incorporates bump and rebound control features which limit excessive movements under shock loading.  Top metal cover gives protection against oil contamination and protective finish resists corrosion attack.  Propeller thrust on marine applications is accommodated.  There re four sizes in the standard range with varying degrees of rubber hardness catering for point loads from 32kg to 3000kg.  Natural frequencies as low as 8Hz are possible.



Rotoflex Information PDF

This coupling is used for motor vehicle propeller shafts, half shafts steering columns, industrial drives as well as many other applications.

Accommodates large angular and axial displacements with minimum resistance.

Reduces torsional vibration and noise.

Absorbs torque fluctuations.

Replaces mechanical joints, eliminating lubrication and metal-to-metal wear.

No servicing required.

Unaffected by dust, grit or moisture.

The Metalastik Rotoflex® Coupling consists of a regular polygon of rubber with metal inserts bonded in position. It can have 4,6 or 8 sides. After moulding, the rubber elements in the coupling are compressed by the fitting of a steel retaining band. This important design feature ensures maximum fatigue life. The retaining band is discarded after assembly. Metal interleaves bonded into the rubber elements provide increased torque capacity when required.

Rotoflex couplings have proved successful for motor car propeller and half-shaft applications for auxiliary drives on road vehicles and for many industrial drives.

When couplings operate at very high speeds and support a cardan shaft, a centring device is necessary; these can be all metal or a metalastik bush arrangement – details are available from our design department on request.

Rotoflex Information PDF

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An Introduction to the new range of Shwab parts

Summary –Why choosing Trelleborg (incl. Schwab-VC)

•high expertise in theoretical and experimental analysisof phenomena, which are connected to structure-borne sound and vibration (e.g. multi-body dynamics, FEA, field measurements, …)

•long history (more than 60 years) in developing anti-vibration products

•wide range pure RTM parts and hydraulic damping RTM parts

•Module kits for cabin mounts in order to realize different comfort levels

•high expertise in rubber including separate rubber development and production

•wide range of rubber compositions, special rubber for low temperatures, high damping, acoustic demands, reduced setting behavior

•our self-image: development partner for system analysis and holistic approaches

•special test laboratories for experimental investigation of mounts, e.g. w.r.t. lifetime, setting, rupture forces etc.

•high quality standards

•Long standing experience with general industry applications

•Large company with stable financial basis